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The Settings | Licenses pages allow users with Settings role access permissions to view and allocate One95 resource licenses to individual users and groups of users. 

1. Settings page sub-navigation menu bar offers access to the Environment, Connect, Roles, Licenses and Activity functions. Click on the sub-navigation text word to go to each specific settings page. 

Licensed Resources panel 

2. Click on the Licensed Resources panel button to see a summary of resources available to the district.  Different types of resources are displayed including free perpetual use resources and paid license subscriptions.  

3. The following information and fields are presented: 

  • A checkbox to allow selection of a resource row or rows.  This will only be selectable for subscription resources which require individual user license management.  When a row or rows are selected, these resources are carried over to the Licensed Users page as resource column headings so that individual licenses can be assigned.  This checkbox feature is intended to narrow the view of information displayed on the Licensed Users page to make it easier to distribute specific license to specific users, particularly in large districts where different resources are available to different schools.  Its use is optional and if no resources are selected on this page, all individual-user-licensed resources will be presented as resource columns on the Licensed Users page, scrollable horizontally, and available for license distribution. 

  • Resource Name and 95 Percent Group Product Item Number are displayed

  • Number of total seats licensed for the resource by the district and number of total open (unallocated) seats available to users.  The difference between total licensed seats and open seats is the number of licensed seats that have been already allocated to specific users.  Products that are considered Perpetually licensed will indicate they are Free, Available to All users and do not require allocation of Open seats (N/A).  These Free products will not be displayed on the Licensed users screen, since they don't require management of individual licenses. 

  • Number of total review seats licensed and number of total open review seats are displayed.  Review seats are granted at 10% of the total number of paid license seats at no cost.  They are intended to allow non-teaching, supportive user and administrative roles, such as Principals or district curriculum leaders, to access curriculum resources used by their educators, reading coaches, interventionists in order to support and guide their teams without requiring paid licenses. 
  • Expires date displays the date that any individually-licensed product licenses will expire.  Perpetually licensed resources will indicate Perpetual. 

4. Clicking on the Licensed Users button or the Licensed Users panel selector will change focus to the Licensed users panel, carrying forward and displaying column headings for any selected resource rows, or all product resources if no rows were selected.

Licensed Users panel

1. Settings page sub-navigation menu bar offers access to the Environment, Connect, Roles, Licenses and Activity functions. Click on the sub-navigation text word to go to each specific settings page

2. Click on the Licensed Users panel button to see resources licensed to the district that are available to be allocated to invididual users.  

3. Filter boxes allow selection of users by role, school, grade or user name.  You choose from the picklists presented or enter part of all of a user name in the user search box. The number of users returned after applying the filter is displayed below the filter box.   These users originate from the information data synchronization established with your district data connection on the Connect page.  If you don't see the expected number of users or roles on this page, or if the Schools and Grades drop-down boxes aren't filled with choices, you may need to look at the data setup for synchronization with the One95 portal in your Single Sign-on application (Clever or ClassLink). 

4. Once you choose one or more filters, the lower portion of the screen will fill with users who fit your filter or search criteria.   Filtering can help you assign licenses to more than one user at a time, by using the All checkboxes after selecting groups of users. 

5. You can select a group of users, then assign licenses to the group using the All checkboxes for paid license seats and review license seats.  Click either box and licenses will be allocated or removed for the group of users presented in the bottom of the screen for the type of licenses you select.   If you select a group of users larger than the number of available license seats, the allocated licenses bar(s) will fill and you will see a red negative license count.  You can remove individual user licenses in order to bring the total allocated count in balance with the number of licenses purchased by your district. 

6. You can add or remove license seats or review seats for individual users by choosing the add or remove choice from the drop-down picklist associated with the user. 

7. Click on the Update button and the licenses will be updated in the system when you are satisfied with your allocation.  Once you click on the Update button, these license allocations are updated on the system, the All boxes (if used) are cleared, and licensed resources will be available to the selected users upon their next login.  

8. Clicking on an individual user name in a row, opens up an override dialog box where the user's current role can be overridden.  This allows you to quickly change the role and related access permissions for the specific user, without requiring changes to the user's role in your connected source system (Clever, ClassLink).   For example, if you wanted to give a user who has the role of Teacher access to the Settings page as an administrator, you could select the teacher here and assign them the Administrator role.  Enabling the Sticky slider bar will persist the role override for the user through subsequent nightly roster synchronization updates. 


95 Percent Group Support is here to help! Contact us via the knowledge base support form or email at 

To learn more about submitting tickets, reference our article on One95 Support. 

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